Digital Products I. Medium and Commodity

Practical Media

You could say the media have become practical. Moreover, by now these practical media have outnumbered communication apps — so you might be just forgetting that you still hold a medium in your hand. Of course, practical apps are about communication as well, simply in the sense that they are command units to ‘make things happen‘. But here I am interested in the foundations and traces of old school media, how they work within the new forms to lure us in.


The first one is obvious: the smartphone is an audio-visual medium. It is an object that projects text, picture and sound which are made for our perception and our brain. This triad of device, sign and body is the material foundation, the constitutional medial order.

To Fathom the World

The second perspective concerns the general ability (or »power«, if you prefer) of the media to shape our understanding of the world and our everyday life. The mandatory quote: »Whatever we know about our society, or indeed about the world in which we live, we know through the mass media.«^3

Digital extensions. Interactivity, Operational Knowledge, Data as Currency

So much for mapping the intersections of analogue and digital media.^4 To wrap it up, let’s take a look at the major shifts of digital products in regards to the discussed topics.



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Robin Baum

Robin Baum

UX Designer. Occasionally writing about design, marketing and everyday practices from a cultural point of view. Cologne / DE